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Daghoroscoop Kreeft van 21-Mar-2021

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Overview is using 5 technologies.

Technology Profile

We were able to detect some of the technologies that is built with.

We perform a deep technology lookup on each scanned website. Our scans fetch any known technology patterns in the source code of the website, request headers, DNS records or other dependencies like frameworks or libraries.

Our workers can also track and detect also if you are using an outdated CMS, library, framework, or a programming language version that reached its EOL. We notify you freely with a guide on how to upgrade it to ensure safety of your website.

DNS Overview

Following are the DNS records used by

We always recommend keep reviewing your DNS records, and cleaning the deprecated ones to avoid any DNS poisoning case.

Type Name Value
a - WHOIS this Nameserver
a - WHOIS this Nameserver
mx 10
ns - WHOIS this Nameserver
ns - WHOIS this Nameserver
soa 2036783351 10000 2400 604800 3600

Structured, Meta Data

We are able to retrieve and parse structured and meta data that is present in the DOM head element.

Meta data helps search engine, and robots understand well each page content, sometimes its used to verify the ownership of the website by third party solutions.

Structured data is a standardized format to classify and understand the content of the web page, you can learn more about it on Currently they defined more than 779 Types, 1390 Properties 15 Datatypes, 81 Enumerations and 437 Enumeration.

text/html; charset=UTF-8

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index, follow, noarchive

Alexa Rank

Alexa Internet Analysis built over the time a rich metrics database with the rank of all the websites worldwide of the estimated traffic, rank worldwide, country rank, possible competitors.

You can also have an interesting analysis of the SEO performance over your keywords of interest, You can check more details here